New York Comic Con 2017: Thursday - 10.5.17 (43)

New York Comic Con 2017: Thursday – 10.5.17

October 9, 2017 | Other Photography

My first Comic Con! I’ve taken photos at Halloween parades but not a Con yet. I was thrilled to finally see what it was all about and I’m hooked in now. Loved it despite exhausting and packed. I wrote up my recap of the day at if you want to read all my thoughts on the day here.

Since I wrote about the day on, I’ll just offer up some thoughts on shooting. I didn’t have any game plan for today since it was shock I was even there. I mainly just walked the floor and took photos of cosplayers. I would ask, can I take your picture. It’s still polite to ask instead of just going up to them and shooting without them posing. Eventually I would just call out the characters name, then ask if I could snap a photo. I saw other people screaming like they were paparazzi or something.

I learned quickly where a lot of the cosplayers were located. They mainly liked to be by the entrances before they enter the main floor. It was a good spot to just hang and wait for people to come to you. I noticed down by the food trucks, that’s where the professionals with their lighting, umbrellas and other stuff were. I’d go down there a little bit to take pics but didn’t seem like a steady flow of them going there so I mainly walked the floor and by the entrances.

I brought my super wide angle lens but didn’t even use it. I stuck with 24-70mm f2.8 lens and shot around ISO 1600-3200, depending if I was on the floor or not.

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