Not My President's Day Rally @ Columbus Circle, NYC - 2.20.17 (40)

Not My President’s Day Rally @ Trump International Hotel & Tower, NYC – 2.20.17

February 27, 2017 | Other Photography

It’s been awhile since going to a protest or rally, I think last time was back in Occupy Wall Street. Looking back at those photos, I wanted to get back into it and involved with documenting people against President Cheeto.

I made my way up to Columbus Circle, and followed the signs from volunteers telling everybody where to go. I thought the rally spot would be a little bit open and you can move around. That wasn’t the case. There were gates and the NYPD put people into groups like cattle. I was expecting it but still annoying. I took pictures of people in my group for a little, and chanted for a little awhile before getting claustrophobia and decided to walk around a little. I walked back to where people were marching to the back of the rally point. I’m glad I did because a whole slew of people came with signs and marching so it made for some good photos.

For a February day, it was mild and it certainly felt nice to be out in the sun that day. After walking back up to the starting point, I saw some pro-Trump idiots on the sidelines trying to egg people on. Then witnessed more of these clowns including the Naked Cowboy getting into it with anti-Trump people in Columbus Circle. I figured that was a good time to leave. I’ll probably check out another one on Tax Day in NYC. Stay tuned for more photos from that!

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