The Mahones @ Irving Plaza, NYC - 3.9.15 (60)

The Mahones @ Irving Plaza, NYC – 3.9.15

March 12, 2015 | Concert Photography

I love the Mahones! They are always so much fun to shoot and the other night at Irving Plaza was no different! Read my concert review over at for more details.

Besides listening to The Mahones for many years, they are also one of the most friendliest people I know. Getting hugs and parental advice from them was just as awesome as photographing them on stage. Finny had lots of advice to give me about upcoming adventure of being a Father. (Yup, it’s true! You can watch the announcement video that I made here.)

So back to the actual photos…the first song was good because the lighting as actually decent. The yellow lighting turned out great and wish Irving Plaza used it more. I tried to get the standard Mahones shots, Katie and Finny arched, Finny looking at your camera with the guitar, Katie kneeled down playing the accordion while Finny plays over her and other things like that. I didn’t get the arched one as good as the other ones I got because of the shit lighting. Too much back lighting made the photos look atrocious. It’s great how playful Finny and Katie get with the photographers.

They had newlyweds do their first dance on stage as well so that was a first for me. I managed to get a few shots from the crowd, using the 85mm f1.8 lens. Definitely got some cool shots in this batch. The rest of the set I just used the 24-70mm and 14-24mm lenses. I definitely wanted to use the super wide angle on their set since I knew Finny comes up to me a lot in the photo pit. Hopefully I can shoot another Mahones set soon but might be busy with other duties!

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