Gaelic Storm @ Watermark Bar, NYC - 6.26.14 (47)

Gaelic Storm @ Watermark Bar, NYC – 6.26.14

June 29, 2014 | Concert Photography

I’ve been listening to Gaelic Storm for over 10 years but believe it or not, I never saw them perform live until this show. The co-headlining gig featured Gaelic Storm and Carbon Leaf at Watermark Bar, located on Pier 15 down at South Street Seaport in Manhattan. Couldn’t have asked for better views with settings like the Brooklyn Bridge and the East River. Read my review of the show at, otherwise see all the photos from the set below.

I never shot at Watermark Bar before so I didn’t know what to expect going in. There was an area blocked off where photographers could stand but since both bands are photo-friendly, you didn’t need any photo pass or anything. The tour manager of Carbon Leaf hooked me up with an artist wrist-band so I could take photos there instead of be wedge up front with the crowd. I ended up doing that for Gaelic Storm’s set and shot first 3 songs (I gave myself that limit).

Then shot the rest up front where my wife was standing. I ended up just staying there for Carbon Leaf’s set too. I did venture away from that area once or twice to get some different shots of Gaelic Storm though. As much as it’s easy shooting in the day time, I still prefer when things are darker which happened for Carbon Leaf’s set. The photos are just more interested but nonetheless, it was fun shooting Gaelic Storm for the first time!

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