Carbon Leaf @ Watermark Bar, NYC - 6.26.14 (21)

Carbon Leaf @ Watermark Bar, NYC – 6.26.14

June 30, 2014 | Concert Photography

The Carbon Leaf/Gaelic Storm was my second Carbon Leaf show of the year and probably won’t be the last! They are playing City Winery again in October or November? I just can’t get enough of one of my favorite bands. I finally got a chance to photograph Carbon Leaf in a different setting, considering I always shoot them at Mexicali Live in Teaneck. This was a unique setting with Brooklyn Bridge and the East River in sights. I reviewed the show more in full over at

Unlike the photos of Gaelic Storm, I just stood in my spot for the entire time and snapped away. I had a good spot up front and didn’t want to walk around and lose it. I had the wrist band to shoot inside the little roped off area but didn’t want to leave my wife stranded. It’s more fun to dance and sing along with her anyway. I still managed to get some cool shots of the guys considering their lighting is top notch. Bright front lighting and colorful backdrop, the way all shows should be lit.

I alternated between my 24-70 lens and the telephoto lens 70-200. I liked how the wide angle looked, especially the way the lighting lit up the above wooden deck. It was tough at times getting shots of Jon playing bass (like always, he doesn’t move away from that spot all that much) and I had a tough time getting a clear shot of Carter at times as well. The monitor speakers stood out and was an obstructive view for people on both sides of the stage. Other than that, I had no issues with shooting at Watermark Bar. Definitely cool seeing a show outside on a gorgeous night with the bridge and on the water.

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