Mu330 @ The Rock Shop, Brooklyn, NY - 6.1.14 (20)

Mu330 @ The Rock Shop, Brooklyn, NY – 6.1.14

June 14, 2014 | Concert Photography

Ok, last post about the Asbestos Records NYC Ska Festival shows. The last band of the evening was the mystery band, “Mu330,” a.k.a. Dan Potthast with guys from Bomb the Music Industry and Slow Gherkin. An entertaining set to say the least! Read my review at for all the details.

This was crazy to photograph. Dan is always the funny showman. Making jokes about firing and hiring members of his band throughout the set. During the beginning of the set, Dan was standing on the monitor stands/stage thingy and ended up falling down and breaking one of them. He landed on my friends Pam and Chris I think, and I was holding him up as well. Then he wouldn’t stop standing on the other ones and was balancing on my head, and then jumped over me. I was happy my camera survived this set. Between this and Slow Gherkin’s nutty set, my camera almost got broken a few times.

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