Slow Gherkin @ The Rock Shop, Brooklyn, NY - 6.1.14 (1)

Slow Gherkin @ The Rock Shop, Brooklyn, NY – 6.1.14

June 13, 2014 | Concert Photography

The last time I saw Slow Gherkin was in ’99 with The Toasters and Edna’s Goldfish. I did have a few black & white photos of the band (film!) but nothing is on this site. They played great and I had an awesome time shooting their set even though my camera & lens almost got cracked. My review is at, read it!

This set was crazy! James’ mic stand went crashing down on my lens. Phew, close call! I had to hold him up a few times from almost falling over and then later on, the top of my lens got smashed by the trombone. I still have an indentation on the rubber part of the lens, but I have to get this lens re-glued since its falling apart. Just need some downtime. But anyway, I couldn’t help but dance for these guys because it’s been about 15 years since last seeing them! I decided to film 2 songs of Slow Gherkin because I just wanted something to watch afterwards, even though the James’ mic was too low in the monitors.

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