Jiker @ The Rock Shop, Brooklyn, NY - 6.1.14 (13)

Jiker @ The Rock Shop, Brooklyn, NY – 6.1.14

June 13, 2014 | Concert Photography

Jiker reunited to play The Asbestos Records NYC Ska Festival at the Rock Shop in Brooklyn. Despite not being a fan of the band, they are fun to photograph. Just have to watch your surroundings so you don’t get clobbered or get beer spilled on you though. You can read my review of the show over at ReadJunk.com.

I never got a chance to photograph a Jiker set but I had a hard time remembering them, just knew I wasn’t really a fan. They were fun to photograph though! As soon as they started to play, the singer was in the crowd so thankfully I had the speedlight for this set. People were spilling beer all the place, resulting in sticky floors for the rest of the night. People were hardcore dancing and I really don’t remember them being that type of band. I didn’t have the luxury of hiding from the top of the monitor speakers like I used to at the hardcore shows, at Sea Sea’s in Moosic, PA. I was down there and trying to protect my camera. Things were crazy at times, but I still managed to get shots from both sides of the stage. Most of the action was in the crowd with the singer, and the sing-alongs.

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