The Fad @ Cake Shop, NYC - 5.31.14 (10)

The Fad @ Cake Shop, NYC – 5.31.14

June 8, 2014 | Concert Photography

I just shot The Fad at Knitting Factory a week or so ago, and they always provide a lot of great opportunities to get some great shots. Check out my full review of the show here.

I always manage to get Jimmy Doyle jumping a bunch of times. Even when the ceilings are so low at Cake Shop, he still manages to get air and I always seem to capture it. This time, their drummer was getting in the act and got a lot of attention because he was taking out a lot of the party streamers from the backdrop. Everybody was cracking up that he was taking down all this confetti/streamer stuff. He just kept on drumming, and more of it would come down. At one point I saw someone in the crowd wearing some of it. I told them to put it on Jimmy and he ended up putting it on his head and headbanging with it. It was a funny moment.

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