The Slacktasters @ Cake Shop, NYC - 5.30.14 (9)

The Slacktasters @ Cake Shop, NYC – 5.30.14

June 7, 2014 | Concert Photography

The secret band “The Slacktasters” finished off the first night of the Asbestos Records NYC ska Festival. It was a blast to be apart of this, even though I only caught about half of their set. The Slacktasters apparently played until 4am and there was no way I was standing for all of that haha. Full review here.

The first part of the set was Vic of the Slackers playing solo and then joined by the Pietasters drummer. Then Steve Jackson came on stage and then the rest of the Pietasters (well most of them) came on stage. It was like ska karaoke dance party since they were playing a bunch of fun covers. It was entertaining and enjoyable to say the least. At this point it was tight up front so I couldn’t really move around all that much. I still managed to get some decent photos of Vic and Steve, with some other members mixed it. I couldn’t really get any decent photos of the horn section. Of course people were teasing me that I could have just walked over to that side of the stage to get some shots. I just hate having to move around crowds, even if its 5 people. I’m lazy, whatever.

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