Mrs. Skannotto @ Santos Party House, NYC - 5.16.14 (5)

Mrs. Skannotto @ Santos Party House, NYC – 5.16.14

May 19, 2014 | Concert Photography

Mrs. Skannotto from Rochester played after Across The Aisle and before Mad Caddies on Friday night at Santos Party House. Read the full review at

Just like ATA’s set, I was stuck in the same spot but this time had to deal with trickier lighting and having to take pictures around people’s head and mic stands. The problem with ska bands is the amount of mic stands on the stage. You have to get a bit creative with photographing. I was shooting in FX/DX mode, which is what I usually do to get some extra focal length. I can get away with that since Nikon D800’s file sizes/resolutions are so huge.

It was also tough getting shots of Mrs. Skannotto’s lead singer to sing without the mic in his face. Some singers sing differently and some cover up a lot of their face with their arms, hands and the mic itself. But with all that said, I still got some decent shots of the ska rock band.

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