Across The Aisle @ Santos Party House, NYC - 5.16.14 (11)

Across The Aisle @ Santos Party House, NYC – 5.16.14

May 19, 2014 | Concert Photography

Across The Aisle opened up for Mad Caddies on Friday night at Santos Party House in NYC. Read my full review over at, because I don’t feel like writing all that stuff again.

I was trying to shoot from the little lounge area like I did the last time I was there, but my spot was taken so I went up front to shoot instead. The show was sold out so my spot was the same spot for all three bands. Its better to be up front, if the show isn’t too rough. People were still just getting in when ATA was on so I was able to move around a little for them. The lighting was the best for Across The Aisle as well, and the front lighting was bright enough to get some good shots. I was still shooting around ISO 4000 but the lighting was do-able.

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