Chuck Ragan & The Camaraderie @ Irving Plaza, NYC - 4.18.14 (22)

Chuck Ragan & The Camaraderie @ Irving Plaza, NYC – 4.18.14

April 20, 2014 | Concert Photography

Seeing Chuck Ragan is always a treat. The Revival Tours are a blast and so are these types of shows where Chuck Ragan just jams out with his Camaraderie. Read my full review of the show over at

Unlike last time, I didn’t get an amazing photo of Joe Ginsberg but still got some great shots of the band. Chuck is very expressive when he’s singing so I probably have a whole set of him screaming. I had a missed opportunity of him and Joe Ginsberg lifting up their instruments but I got Chuck doing it at least. My friend Beckah managed to get the shot though.

I thought I got some interesting and cool shots of fiddle player Jon Gaunt. He was moving around quickly so you have to time it just right to get a decent photo of him. Like the rest of the show, the back of the stage was dark so you really had to find a time to get some shots of the guys back there. Sometimes the lighting was just too dark. I thought the lighting was better for The White Buffalo’s set but it was still okay I suppose. For this set, I stayed with the 24-70mm f2.8 for the entire set. Afterwards, I just enjoyed the show and was singing and dancing with my wife on the side. I didn’t really have a good point of view at that point since everybody and their mother had their iPhones recording the show.

If you ever get a chance to see Chuck Ragan play live, get your ass to one of his shows and see how music should be played!

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