Carbon Leaf @ City Winery, NYC - 7.11.13 (47)

Carbon Leaf @ City Winery, NYC – 7.11.13

July 12, 2013 | Concert Photography

Carbon Leaf finally returned to New York City after a long, long year without playing in the area. They played City Winery last night to a sold out crowd and it was fantastic as usual!

Before their concert, Kristen and I filmed them for an upcoming episode of Before The Concert, which should be an awesome episode! After that, we grabbed some delicious pizza and dessert at City Winery. Emily Hearn opened up the show (I’ll have photos up soon) and then Carbon Leaf played for roughly an hour half to two hours. Since the venue was a sit down venue, the band played a more acoustic show than electric. They played many tracks off the newest album like “She’s Gone,” “A Song For The Sea,” “Ghost Dragon Attacks Castle” “Oi” and my new favorite “Donnybrook Affair.” But don’t worry, the classics and older tunes were represented as well. They are also working on a new album that will be out in the Fall, which they just successfully reached their goal at PledgeMusic.

Shooting at City Winery is tricky because you have to watch out for the audience, at least that’s how I approach it. I try to go with the ninja approach and take couple of shots and then find another spot. I perched up in one spot for a song or two though because no one was sitting in those seats. The lighting is always great for Carbon Leaf too so that’s very helpful when photographing their show. I used the 70-200mm f2.8 lens for the entire show and switched between FX/DX mode here and there to get closer shots. It’s been a year since seeing Carbon Leaf and I hope they don’t take that long to come back next time!

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