Mu330 @ Apple Stomp: Day 2, Irving Plaza, NYC - 6.1.13 (55)

Mu330 @ Apple Stomp: Day 2, Irving Plaza, NYC – 6.1.13

June 7, 2013 | Concert Photography

The sort of return of Mu330 in NYC ended up being one of my favorite sets of Apple Stomp. Due to the OK tornados, a lot of the Mu330 guys were stuck in St Louis so Dan P and Gerry assembled a bunch of other guys from Pilfers, Bomb The Music Industry and other bands. It could have been a train wreck but ended up being a highlight for me!

For more extensive review of the Apple Stomp, read my reviews of Day 1 and Day 2.

Dan P, Gerry and the rest of the guys in this made-up Mu330 was just a blast to photograph! I probably had the most fun shooting this set, as you can tell by the amount of photos I took. Dan kept giving me rock poses and finger points. The last time I photographed Dan, I got him pointing at me with everything but his finger in focus, but this time I just got his finger. I think both photos work. Just the entire band was constantly moving around and giving photographers plenty of options in terms of shots are concerned. Towards the end of the set, Gerry did his Hulk Hogan ripping the shirt thing and I got most of it! You can see that in animated gif form!

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