Dan Potthast @ Irving Plaza, NYC - 1.28.13 (11)

Dan Potthast @ Irving Plaza, NYC – 1.28.13

January 29, 2013 | Concert Photography

Dan Potthast (of Mu330) has been playing solo for awhile now but this was the first time I saw him perform. I remember seeing Mu330 and Bruce Lee Band (Mike Park + Mu330) at Ska Against Racism years ago but that was it. I wanted to film a session with him for Before The Concert, but with the crappy weather it wasn’t meant to be. Maybe next time he’s in the NYC area.

Dan P played for a half hour and played a variety of fun stuff. From what I remember, he played “the Heckling Song,” “Riot,” “Don’t Say Gay” and some songs about various cities. Dan was great to see and loved hearing him speak in between songs. Not only is he a good musician, but some of his songs are quite funny too.

For Dan’s set, I was pretty much by myself in the pit which is fine by me. Other photographers don’t know what they were missing I guess. Like most times at Irving Plaza, the lighting can be a bit spotty and that was definitely the case that night. I still managed to get some cool shots of Dan, including one of him pointing his finger at me. Also, I noticed afterward that Irving Plaza might be the dustiest place I’ve shot. There’s always dusts on stage, and in my shots. It isn’t the camera either since this thing is brand new!

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