Pilfers @ Apple Stomp: Day 1, Irving Plaza, NYC - 5.31.13 (1)

Pilfers @ Apple Stomp: Day 1, Irving Plaza, NYC – 5.31.13

June 6, 2013 | Concert Photography

I’ve seen Pilfers 3 times since the Fall so I’ve been a happy camper! Pilfers played for 40 minutes at Apple Stomp and are still one of my favorite bands to photograph!

For more extensive review of the Apple Stomp, read my reviews of Day 1 and Day 2.

For whatever reason, the lighting wasn’t great for Pilfers and it made it tough to photograph at times. The lighting colors were a bit ugly so I switched it up and made a lot of the photos black & white. I don’t get how some bands/sets’ lighting design are great and then the next its just awful. But with that said, I still managed to get a few gems in here.

I loved when Coolie was singing to the crowd like he does, and also when he was laying on the stage. there’s one photograph down below of Nick and his guitar. The guitar is in focus and then nick is blurred out. I don’t know, I really like that shot. Another highlight for me was when Vinny came out to play 2 songs with the band and I captured a nice genuine moment of Vinny and Coolie hugging.

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