Pilfers @ Irving Plaza, NYC - 1.28.13 (7)

Pilfers @ Irving Plaza, NYC – 1.28.13

January 29, 2013 | Concert Photography

Elevation! The Pilfers are back full-time, well most of the original members are back (Coolie, Nick and James). The band had to press on with touring without Anna and Vinny and those are some big shoes to fill but the new guys (Ben Basile and Billy Kottage) held up well. Pilfers still know how to put on one hell of a show!

Thanks to the Pilfers, this was one of the rare events that I actually had an All Access pass so I got to shoot from all different perspectives. For some odd reason, according to Irving Plaza rules, you can’t shoot more than 3 songs in the pit or you need to get written permission for it by the Club. It’s stupid. But that’s fine, I shot from the side of the stage and tried my best to get some different shots there without being too noticed too much. I then went upstairs in the VIP section and shot the crowd as Coolie was singing and dancing in there. It felt like “Where’s Coolie?” instead of Where’s Waldo haha.

The band opened with “Chawalaleng” and then played one of their new songs. I believe that song is available on the Ska is Dead II Club Series 7″ via Asbestos Records. The new members of the band did their thing well, and Nick stepped it up big with singing for the Vinny parts in “What’s New” and “Hypnotized.” Coolie worked the crowd as always and ended up in the crowd for most of the set at the end. The Pilfers sound has evolved slightly from what we remember of it but they are still an amazing band to see live.

Technical details, the lighting was kind of crappy for the Pilfers. Sometimes Nick and Coolie had spotlights on them, and the rest of the band were in the dark. I was shooting at some high ISOs at one point to try to get capture things better. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. I wish Irving Plaza had the same lighting setup as Gramercy Theatre, they are owned by the same people so make it happen! If I had that lighting, and with my new camera, I think I would have gotten more ELEVATION jump shots that were in clear focus. Oh well, I doubt this will be my last Pilfers show…

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