Reel Big Fish @ Irving Plaza, NYC - 1.28.13 (51)

Reel Big Fish @ Irving Plaza, NYC – 1.28.13

January 30, 2013 | Concert Photography

Reel Big Fish always put on an entertaining show! The band played a lot of their classic tunes plus their newer songs from Candy Coated Fury. The band are also a lot of fun to photograph as well.

RBF started things off with “Everyone Else is an Asshole” and then played “Trendy” and “Everything Sucks.” I saw the band back in June and I particularly liked this set a lot more for some reason. They were more energetic it seemed. Other songs they played include “Your Girlfriend Sucks,” “All I Want Is More,” “Sell Out,” “Good Thing” and When in Rome’s “The Promise.” At one point the band started to play Edna’s Goldfish’s “Veronica Sawyer” and then Brian Diaz came out to sing. That was a nice surprise. I got a shot of Aaron jumping when Brian was singing, but think it came out too blurry. For whatever reason, whenever there is a jump shot, my shutter speed is low; I need to stop that.

After the three songs in the pit, I sat on the side of the stage for the majority of the set and took some photos. I got some drummer shots, and tried to captured Dan better since it was tough to get him in front. The problem with ska bands and taking photos are all the damn mic stands and wires everywhere.

The band is still on tour so be sure to check them out if they are hitting your town!

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