The Scofflaws @ Characters (Electric Avenue), NYC – 1.19.13 (4)

The Scofflaws @ Characters (Electric Avenue), NYC – 1.19.13

January 20, 2013 | Concert Photography

I’m trying to remember the last time I saw the The Scofflaws perform. It could have been at the Chance in Poughkeepsie, NY 10-13 years ago or it could have been at the Wetlands. I can’t remember. The Scofflaws played late last night at (Electric Avenue) Characters in NYC. It was a fun time for dancing, taking pictures and hanging out.

The band opened up with “Man on the Street” and played a lot of fun tracks “Lucy Brown,” “Til the End of Time,” “Paul Getty/Grazin in the Grass,” “Rude Boy Train,” “Nude Beach,” and “Nightmare.” At one point, former trombone player of the Scofflaws Buford O’ Sullivan came out to sing “Boots.” He should have stayed up there and sang “I Can’t Decide.” Hearing “Nude Beach” was cool but I miss hearing that classic baritone sax sound to the beginning of it. At one point, Sammy Brooks hat was on the ground and my buddy Adam decided to put a dollar in it (from a dare I believe). Then Steve Shafer and Michelle Ska decided to put money in there too. It was quite amusing.

Seeing the band again was great because I forgot how awesome they sound and how animated Richard “Sammy” Brooks gets. I could take pictures of him all day, and as you can tell from the amount of photos below. For this set, I took some photos non-flash with an ISO of 6400, and then other photos with flash. I tried to make the flash not as annoying as possible but not sure that worked. The moody orange photos are cool but the details in the faces get lost so flash at Characters is a must most of the time.

Some videos from the show:

The Entire Gallery

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