The Bullbuckers @ Characters (Electric Avenue), NYC - 1.19.13 (2)

The Bullbuckers @ Characters (Electric Avenue), NYC – 1.19.13

January 20, 2013 | Concert Photography

I originally wanted to go to the Scofflaws show at Electric Avenue at Characters on W 54st. Then hockey came back and I originally was just going to stay home and watch the Rangers game. I’m glad I decided to venture out after the game because I saw a great ska show! Better than the stinko performance from the NYR. The first ska show of 2013 and I hope many more! The opening band was The Bullbuckers from Delaware (from the state that sends me endless amounts of credit card mail). They were a fun band to see!

When I arrived at the show, it was around 10:15pm since it almost takes an hour to get to W 54st from Jersey City. Isn’t it silly that I live across the river and it takes that long to get to midtown? This show was great since I got to spend it with some friends. I said hi and then went about my business with taking pix for a little bit. I was kneeling a lot because I didn’t want to get in the way of the people from the back. I didn’t use my flash for this set because I was testing out the new camera still. The lighting was better this time than the last time I was at Characters. It actually gave off a nice orangey color but in some spots it was troublesome. If they had another one on the opposite side it would be good.

The Bullbuckers were a fun ska/reggae band. I never heard of them before but they put on a good show. Their music got the crowd dancing a little. Visit their site for more info about them and to see when they are playing in your neighborhood.

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