Nick Gill @ Rockwood Music Hall, NYC - 1.17.13 (4)

Nick Gill @ Rockwood Music Hall, NYC – 1.17.13

January 18, 2013 | Concert Photography

Back in the Fall, I reviewed an album on that I surprisingly enjoyed. That album was Waves Are Only Water by singer/songwriter Nick Gill. I’ve been listening to that album nonstop since then. I was hoping Nick would play New York City so I could see him live and he perhaps film him for Well I got the chance last night to see him perform live and to also perform a session before the concert.

Nick played for about 40-45 minutes and played songs off Waves Are Only Water, as well as some covers from Avett Brothers. Stands out include “By The Way” (which he performed for me for BTC), “Row,” “Dawn” and some others. The lighting was darker, believe it or not, for Nick’s set so I shot ISO 6400 for the most part. I was definitely testing the D800’s low lighting. The room opened up a little bit after the first band so it was easier to walk around and get different angles. I didn’t really like the way the club was, and a lot of people there were just socializing and talking. It was a bit rude to be honest. But anyway, I enjoyed myself and glad I got a chance to see Nick perform.

You can buy Nick’s newest album at iTunes.

Watch Nick Gill perform “By The Way” on Before The Concert here.

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