Ariana and The Rose @ Rockwood Music Hall, NYC - 1.17.13 (1)

Ariana and The Rose @ Rockwood Music Hall, NYC – 1.17.13

January 18, 2013 | Concert Photography

Ariana and The Rose played a quick set at Rockwood Music Hall last night in New York City. They were there to promote their new EP “Love Me, Love Me Not” but they had to do it without their guitar player since he was stuck in traffic.

I didn’t plan on shooting their set but they were a good band and Ariana is a great performer to photograph. The size of Stage 1 in Rockwood Music Hall is the size of a bathroom and there were about 40-50 people inside give or take. It was packed and I was sitting in the corner like I normally do when rooms are that crowded. It’s like high school & college parties all over again.

The lighting was dark, so I tried out Nikon D800’s high ISO capabilities for the first time. I was shooting around ISOs 4000 to 6400. Anything higher than 6400 will probably not look that great. I sat in a table and took photos so I didn’t really get any other perspectives but not like I had a choice with the club being so packed.

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