The Push Stars @ Maxwells, Hoboken NJ - 8.8.12 (21)

The Push Stars @ Maxwells, Hoboken NJ – 8.8.12

August 9, 2012 | Concert Photography

The Push Stars are back! Well, at least for a mini-reunion. Chris Trapper, Ryan MacMillan and Dan McLoughlin decided to start their mini-tour at Maxwells in Hoboken last night. I guess it makes sense since Dan lives 2 blocks away haha. The band hadn’t played together on stage in 5 years but it didn’t show at all!

I never saw the Push Stars before but been listening to them for over 7 or 8 years. I got into them after hearing Great Big Sea cover “Everything Shine” and from there, checked out their music and never looked back. Their albums After The Party and Paint The Town frequent my iPod weekly. It was an awesome show last night and one that brought a big smile to face. That could have been the lack of sleep from seeing another show on Monday but I think the guys put on one hell of a show. It also helps if you got a packed club singing and dancing along to your music.

I’m not sure how long they played but they played a lot of stuff! Practically every song from After The Party, a lot from Paint The Town, Meet Me at the Fair and some from Opening Time. I particularly loved hearing “Any Little Town,” “Claire,” “Too Much Pride,” “Minnesota,” “Keg on my Coffin,” “Lucky Sevens,” and “Lack of Motion.” They tried out some songs like they were at rehearsal, but fans didn’t mind at all. They just wanted to hear their favorite songs, even if it was for a little bit.

Some funny moments happened when the band were saying that this song was in the movie Say It Isn’t So, and someone said “Never Saw It!'” and Chris called for security. Another funny moment was when their set was over and wanted to start their encore, they pretended to hide on the side of the wall since it’s a pain in the ass to get through the crowd. Carbon Leaf did a similar thing when I saw them play there few months ago. Just pretend we left and came back for an encore.

Photography wise, I knew I wasn’t going to get some gems like I did on Monday night. But I still thought I did a decent job with the photos and had a killer spot on the left. It was tough shooting since the lighting was so dim so shooting at Maxwells at ISO 3200 is a must. Towards the end, a fan was illuminating the band so much that it actually helped with some of the photos. I’m not sure the crowd or band enjoyed that though. It was a bit bright haha. I still had a blast shooting and watching a band just have fun on stage. The Push Stars are playing the rest of the week into the weekend in Ct, MA and Buffalo so get your ass to their shows if you’re a fan!

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