Mighty Mighty Bosstones @ Webster Hall, NYC - 8.6.12 (14)

Mighty Mighty Bosstones @ Webster Hall, NYC – 8.6.12

August 7, 2012 | Concert Photography

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones were simply awesome last night! They finished off the show last night in perfect fashion. I also think I got some of the best photos I’ve ever shot of the band!

As the band took the stage, I tried to capture as many members of the band as possible. I always say this but some band members also get the shaft and I don’t have that many photos of them. This time happened to be Joe Gittleman & Joe Sirois. Sorry Joes. Most of the band members stay in the back and give Dicky, Ben and Lawrence to roam around the stage in front. So that’s who I focused on for the most part. I got a lot of decent shots of Chris Rhodes as well, who has been in the spotlight more since joining the band.

The lighting for the set was pretty damn good. I can’t complain when bands want to use nice white front lighting for their sets. Makes my life a lot easier and makes the photos look a lot better. For the other sets, my ISO ranged from 1600-3200 but for this ome, it was mostly around 1600 so that gives you some idea of the lighting.

After the third song, Dicky called the photographers back to gather around and take pictures of him doing various poses. He was making fun of us as paparazzi photographers basically (I think). It was tough to hear but I was laughing anyway. Sure, it’s funny but if that’s the case, I kind of find it insulting. I’ve said this before when Fletcher of Pennywise said the same thing. We’re there to make the band looks cool and awesome, and pretty much look like rock gods. So I don’t get why they have a problem with the photographers being there. It’s not like I’m sitting outside Dicky’s bathroom window at his house and waiting for him to take a shit or something. So note to bands and musicians, concert photographers aren’t the paparazzi and we find it insulting when being called that. It could have been just some gentle ribbing on his part but who knows. All right, enough of that rant.

Funny enough, that’s when I got the best photo of Dicky and my favorite shot of the night. Go figure.

The band was really great and still know how to put on one hell of a show. The setlist was practically flawless for me but I wished they played Where’d You Go or Cowboy Coffee. Loved hearing “Devil’s Night Out,” “Rascal King” and “Someday I Suppose.”

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