Reel Big Fish @ Best Buy Theater, NYC - 6.27.12 (20)

Reel Big Fish @ Best Buy Theater, NYC – 6.27.12

June 28, 2012 | Concert Photography

Reel Big Fish were the headliner for the evening. The crowd thinned out slightly after Goldfinger, which was fine by me because it’s a bitch going back and forth through the crowd. But a lot of people still stuck around for the ska. Reel Big Fish always deliver a fun show and last night was no different.

The lighting started out a bit dark and blue for the first song, but thankfully the front lighting kicked in during the middle of the song. I tried to get a lot of shots of Aaron in the beginning, but then moved around a bit. The horn section always ham it up for the cameras, especially trumpet player John Christianson and trombone player Dan Regan. During the second song, Coolie Ranx of the Pilfers came out to sing briefly which was nice to see since Pilfers are one of my favorite bands. After the third song, I went back to the stadium seating and watched most of the set and snapped some photos like I did for the other sets.

I’ll have a more in-depth review at later.

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