Goldfinger @ Best Buy Theater, NYC - 6.27.12 (15)

Goldfinger @ Best Buy Theater, NYC – 6.27.12

June 28, 2012 | Concert Photography

Goldfinger returned to New York after being awhile for a few years and as usual, their show was entertaining and a little nasty. Actor Joe Manganiello of True Blood & Magic Mike introduced the band. He said he used to roadie for the band before he was a wolf on TV. After that, Goldfinger came ready to rock with their guitars, drums, and twinkies.

From shooting Goldfinger the last time, I knew what to expect. Frantic stage presence, jump shots, and fans eating Twinkies out of Darrin’s ass. GROSS! Right off the bat, John was in the crowd singing in the crowd, Charlie the guitarist was jumping and spinning and I was focused on him primarily the first song. It’s hard not to get a jump shot during their set. I got a lot of great shots of Charlie I think! Aaron of Reel Big Fish joined the band for the whole set which makes me wonder how tired he must have been for their own set.

It was a rowdy in the photo pit since the bouncers were catching crowd surfers. I haven’t been to a show like since last October. But thankfully didn’t get hit with water or crowd surfers. After the 3rd song, I trekked back to my seat. I took photos again with the 70-200mm f2.8 and got some awesome shots.

One of those shots happens to be a “lucky” fan eating a twinkie out of Darrin’s ass. Don’t feel sorry for the kid, he volunteered! I wonder how many Twinkie’s gets eaten out of Darrin’s ass per tour and how many kids go to the doctors for E coli haha.

Later on, Joe Manganiello returned to the stage to dance with a kid on his shoulders. The band was awesome and I love seeing them every time they play.

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