Florida Keys Vacation – 7.09.10 – 7.15.10

July 18, 2010 | Photography, Travel Photography

July 14th was my Dad’s 60th birthday, so to help celebrate it; my family went to the Florida Keys again for a week. My fiancee Kristen, my twin brother Matt and I flew down to Fort Lauderdale for a day and then drove down to meet my parents and older brother Jason down in the Keys. It was a nice relaxing trip, filled with swimming, kayaking, and eating way too much key lime pie! Woof.

Fort Lauderdale was nice and I’ve been there once before. It’s been awhile but one thing I remember is getting burnt to hell on those beaches. The same happened again of course. Damn you fair skin! The ocean water was really warm, almost too warm. Kristen and I didn’t leave the water for a long time, or well until we started to see things like Band Aids and other delightful trash in the water. We walked around at night and caught the tail end of the sunset on the other side of the street.

After that, we drove down the Florida turnpike and down to Marathon where the house we were renting was going to be. The drive going down is always lovely, it just sucks it’s only 30 mph sometimes and one lane. If you got one slow car, it can take forever to get down there. The weather that week was interesting. One minute it would be sunny and beautiful, and then the next would be storming like a hurricane.

After a few days, we went down to Key West which was nice. Next time I would like to just stay there since there’s more to do and see. Duvall Street and Mallory Square is something to differently check out if you plan on visiting. Mallory Square has all the buskers and street performers out, and everyone gathers to watch the sunset…everyday. It’s fun and something you have to do at least once when visiting. At one point, there was a chubby Spiderman there asking me to take a photo of him and tip him. I decided sure why not, then he wanted to take a picture with Kristen. He kissed her on the cheek (through the mask). Maybe I should have taken that tip back?

Every night I wanted to have key lime pie and be a fat ass. I ended that trip with experiencing deep fried key lime pie. Ugh, that was way too much and something I will only experience once. I like my key lime pie cold, and having it deep fried is just way too much to eat. The trip was relaxing and something I definitely needed. It was nice to get to finally use my camera again. Since getting engaged, I haven’t been too many shows or used my camera at all.

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