Getting Engaged @ Peekamoose Waterfall, Sundown NY - 5.1.10 (26)

Getting Engaged @ Peekamoose Waterfall, Sundown NY – 5.1.10

May 3, 2010 | Day Trips, Photography

I’m getting married! Yes, yes I know, some girl ACTUALLY wants to marry my stupid ass. But it’s true, I proposed to my lovely girlfriend Kristen Saturday on an awesome day trip I planned on. I’m the king of the day trips! It didn’t hurt that it was sunny and 85 degrees outside either. What a day it was!

First, we headed to a spot in Upstate New York where we’ve been before. It’s on Peekamoose Road in Sundown, NY. You just go by Rondout Reservoir and over a bit and you’re at this gorgeous waterfall. Let me know if you want directions to it but you can just google Peekamoose waterfall and be able to find it. No hiking involved because you can just drive and park to where the waterfall is. Simply stuff! After I waited for some people to leave, I setup my camera and tripod to take a time lapse photo. Every 5 seconds the shots went off. I then called my girlfriend over and asked her to marry me. Of course she was surprised but she knew it was coming. When you go ring shopping with her (a few times), you know it’s only a matter of time hahaha. But she loved what I did and loved the ring. I’m awesome, what you can you say!

I finally got to try out my ND filter that I bought last year. It worked like a charm, especially since it was really sunny outside. Thankfully no one was around when I was shooting and didn’t have anyone in the shots…well besides Kristen and I. I need to find more waterfall spots because I love shooting them! Anyone got any suggestions?

After that, we went to Ashokan Reservoir to walk around a bit and then got lost trying to find out way to Woodstock. So instead of Woodstock, we ate in New Paltz at the Gilded Otter…which was awesome. They have the best French fries! It was an excellent day!

Here’s the time lapse video of me proposing to Kristen:

AWWW haha.

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