Paris, France Honeymoon - Day 1 - 7.18.11 (1)

Paris, France Honeymoon – Day 1 – 7.18.11

October 5, 2011 | Travel Photography

What a summer! I got married to my beautiful wife Kristen and the very next night we were off on our honeymoon! Paris, France was the destination my wife and I decided to go because we always wanted to check out the beautiful, romantic city of lights.

We arrived in Paris and the weather wasn’t the greatest (shocker). In fact, it was a downpour when we arrived at our nice boutique hotel in Cluny Square. Our hotel was Hotel Cluny Square, on the corner of Blvd Saint-Michel and Blvd Saint Germain. Prime location for restaurants, shopping and the sights. Our room was the “romantic suite,” which was at the very top of the small hotel that was pretty much like a small dorm with our own bathroom. Well not a dorm room, but the size of one. We had sky windows that open up and a door to open as well. Our view was perfect as we had a great view of the Eiffel tower. It was nice to just look outside and see the tower glowing at night. I would say the only downside to the hotel was the noise from the intersection and the bars. It felt like having a room right outside Time Square with all the honking and college kids singing & talking. Yes, singing. I eventually just put tissues in my ears to try to block out some of noise.

I slept on the airplane surprisingly well but Kristen didn’t so she crashed when we got to our room. I decided to sleep too, why not? We just experienced one of the best days of our lives and finally got a chance to rest after a year of planning for a wedding. We woke up to blue skies and it was pleasant outside (a little bit chilly). The one thing I always noticed about the weather in Europe is how it can change so erratically. We unfortunately picked a bad week (or month) since all of Europe was rainy and cold in July. The weather felt like October weather in New York.

We decided to go outside, take some pictures and explore the area. We walked in the Latin Quarter and St Germain arrondissements. We just wanted to get use to the area; we ended up walking by the Pantheon, strolled in Luxembourg Gardens (Jardin du Luxembourg). The gardens were the nicest in Paris I think, and it was just nice to sit in a chair by the pond as kids play with these boats that you push out with sticks. There’s a few statues in the gardens, and of course the Luxembourg Palace is there too. After the gardens, we stumbled upon Saint Sulpice and ended up eating somewhere near our hotel in Saint-Michel area. I had a delicious steak, veggies. After that, we went back to the hotel to rest since we had a day trip the next day…

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