Less Than Jake @ Best Buy Theater, NYC - 6.16.15 (7)

Less Than Jake @ Best Buy Theater, NYC – 6.16.15

June 20, 2015 | Concert Photography

Out of the 17/18 years I’ve been shooting shows, Less Than Jake continues to be one of my favorite bands to see and photograph. You can read the full review over at ReadJunk.com.

Every band needs to have confetti, smoke, fireworks, toilet paper guns and other fun things! Less Than Jake also love hamming it up for the cameras. They love sticking their tongues out, flexing their muscles and making rock faces when playing their instruments. It makes for a fun show and even better photographs.

The lighting was a lot better for their set. I turned around once or twice to get some of the confetti falling down from the crowd. For the 3 songs, I just stuck with the 24-70mm f2.8 lens and took out the 70-200mm f2.8 after the three songs when I watched from the seating. I took some shots from there, as well as some video.

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