We The Kings @ Bettie James Festival, Milton, DE – 08.13.22

We The Kings @ Bettie James Festival, Milton, DE – 08.13.22

August 19, 2022 | Concert Photography

We the Kings played Bettie James Festival in Milton, Delaware on August 13th 2022. You can read my full review at ReadJunk.com.

For the most part, Bettie James Festival was a country festival but We The Kings from Florida were invited along so I was curious to see how the crowd would react to them. It seemed like they won them over in the end. I’m used to shooting photos of rock and punk bands like this, more than country artists. This was first fully fledged country concert. I never saw We the Kings though, so it was fun taking pictures of them. their singer Travis was using the big stage and stayed out there a lot of the time.

It was hard getting the entire band in the same shot. I had to focus on individual members. I captured some cool shots of their drummer who was wailing away. Remember kids, be sure to remember the drummer when taking photos! They are always the trickiest since they are behind a ton of gear and your focus has to be…just right. For the most part, I followed Travis around and tried to capture both sides of the stage. I liked using the wide angle lens to capture the entire band but even still, it was tough to see them all in the same photo sometimes. I did my best.

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