Jimmie Allen @ Bettie James Festival, Milton, DE – 08.13.22

Jimmie Allen @ Bettie James Festival, Milton, DE – 08.13.22

August 19, 2022 | Concert Photography

Jimmie Allen headlined his own festival, the Bettie James Festival on August 13th, 2022 in Milton, Delaware…his hometown and where I now live. You can read my full review at ReadJunk.com.

I’ve gotten into Jimmie’s music last Summer, when I kind of had an inkling I was going to be moving to Delaware at some point. I said, I better see what he sounds like and sure enough, I was hooked in with some songs immediately. His latest album Tulip Drive is excellent and one of my favorites of the year. I haven’t shot or been to a concert in 2 and a half years so I was itching to go to this. I didn’t have to drive far that’s for sure! Thanks to Jimmie’s team for providing the pass for me to see him live and photograph something again. He was quite the performer, and it was an awesome time.

Jimmie rose from the stage so I captured some of that but wish I had an idea he was going to do that. First few shots came out blurry because I didn’t know where he was going to come out of. He was moving all over the stage, especially up front where the crowd. I was trying to follow Jimmie as much as I could, but wanted to get shots of his backing band as well.

The one shot I captured that I liked the most as when he went back with the band to perform with the guitar. I was at the front of the stage and no other photographer or videographer was around at the time. I managed to get a few shots and was happy with them immediately. I’m like, this could be on an album cover or poster. It’s like golf, you hit a good shot at least one part of the hole, it’s okay in my book. That’s how I approach photography. Make that one shot. I think did.

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