New York Comic Con 2018: Thursday - 10.4.18 (23)

New York Comic Con 2018: Thursday – 10.4.18

October 20, 2018 | Other Photography

New York Comic Con was at the beginning of the month and it was a blast to shoot again. I only shot 2 days this time, Thursday and Friday. You can read my write-up at

Taking pictures of people cosplaying is always fun for me. It takes some time to warm up to ask people though. Everyone is happy to do it when you ask. It’s always so crowded so I just want to take a quick picture and let them move on. I see lots of other photographers directing them around to do this and that and it’s just not my style.

There were some great costumes on Thursday but Friday was even better, maybe since there was more people then. For the day, I mainly stuck with the 24-70mm f2.8 lens since it’s a great all-around lens. I had my other lenses with me but didn’t really take them out of the bag. Maybe next year I’ll take my speed light and use that as a fill flash but sometimes I don’t like the look of it. Every photographer has a style and personal preference.

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