Goldfinger @ Rocks Off Cruise, NYC - 9.14.18 (10)

Goldfinger @ Rocks Off Cruise, NYC – 9.14.18

September 27, 2018 | Concert Photography

I was too busy moving apartments that I forgot I never posted my Goldfinger photos on the Rocks Off Cruise few weeks ago. You can read my review of the show at

This was a bit of an insane set since as soon as Goldfinger came on, people were going crazy for them and as they should. It was already tough to shoot this because of the poor lighting and the bar in the way. I made it work though and got some decent photos for a boat show. I knew there might have been crowdsurfers but didn’t expect to carry John on my head and shoulders for part of it. Then even more crowd surfers were on top of me and lost my glasses for a moment. That’s when I had enough of being up front.

I love taking photos of Goldfinger because of all the jump shots. No one is standing still for too long. It makes for interesting show!

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