Pilfers @ The Well, Brooklyn, NY - 9.8.17 (50)

Pilfers @ The Well, Brooklyn, NY – 9.8.17

September 9, 2017 | Concert Photography

Pilfers are 20 years old and I’m glad I have been seeing & shooting them for all those years. They played The Well in Brooklyn, NY on September 8th, which they played before but it was inside at The Wick. Even without much promotion, the diehard Old Pilfers Crew still showed up to celebrate 20 years and to see the original members perform one last time (for awhile anyway).

Before the band went on stage, I was asked to take a group shot since they rarely get together these days. I had to jump in to get in one of the photos since I never got a photo with the band. After all these years, they continue to be one of my favorite bands to photograph. Having Both Coolie and Vinny is such a great dynamic, and makes for awesome photos. Coolie brought up on stage, that I was 18 year old and going to shows with my Dad. Now I’m designing shirts for them. Almost brought a tear to my eye when he mentioned my late Dad.

The lighting was just the same for most of the set. There was a few songs when they turned it off for whatever reason. So I had to break out my speed light for those songs. Thankfully it turned back on after that. For this set, I used all 3 lenses I brought: 14-24, 24-70m, 70-200mm f2.8. I sat up front for the most part, blocked off from people but went in the back at one point to get some pictures of the surroundings and use my telephoto lens. I’m pretty happy with the photos and wish the band played longer. It was somewhat typical of the band to cut songs from their set because of talking or other stuff. I can remember half-dozen times they had to cut their set short. So they played “Legal Shot” and “Jolly” together since people wanted to hear both last. I called it “Jolly Shot.”

It’s been a pleasure seeing the band for 20 years, let’s hope I can continue to see them for another 20 years.

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