Save Ferris @ Gramercy Theatre, NYC - 3.4.17 (15)

Save Ferris @ Gramercy Theatre, NYC – 3.4.17

March 6, 2017 | Concert Photography

This was the first time shooting Save Ferris, although I believe I’ve seen them live on the Warped Tour back in the day though. Read the full review at!

I stupidly was downstairs talking with friends at the merch tables and lost track of time. It’s rare for me to do this but I missed the first song I was supposed to be shooting in the photo pit. I ran up in there and shoot the second and third song. I still thought it was the first song when I got in the pit but guess not. Thankfully I got a bunch of shots from the seats afterwards.

Monique was a great singer to photograph. Very photogenic and posing for the crowd and cameras. For missing the first song, I certainly made up for it with the next two songs and the stuff from the crowd. I tried my best to capture the show but like any show, wish we had more than just 3 songs to shoot in the photo pit. The bass player was standing on his bass and doing tricks like that. I got some of that but would have been better up close.

For this set, I shot around ISO 3200-4000, 1/250 and used all three of lenses: 24-70, 14-24, and 70-200mm f2.8. Can’t go wrong with any of those lenses. I’d love to shoot Save Ferris again, and hopefully I don’t miss the first song again!

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