Mephiskapheles @ Irving Plaza, NYC - 4.29.16 (39)

Mephiskapheles @ Irving Plaza, NYC – 4.29.16

May 3, 2016 | Concert Photography

Holy crap, first show of 2016! It’s only friggin’ May now but that’s what happens when you become a parent, going to shows takes a backseat. At least my first show of the year was a great one with NOFX, Direct Hit and Mephiskapheles. I wrote up a full review over at if you want to read it.

Mephiskapheles played first and I’ve been seeing and photographing them for practically 20 years now. Of course back then it was with a simple point n shoot camera and them my old Nikon film camera. Obviously with 20 years under my belt and better cameras & lenses, my photos are better now than they were.

The lighting was on and off good for the first three songs. When Irving does the yellow lighting, it’s great but then they do this ugly red & blue combo that makes photos look atrocious. Or it’s this just red and then you have to make the photos black & white. I know I bitch about this every time I shoot at Irving Plaza but it’s just reality that the lighting could be so much better.

I used my Nikon D800 for the set, along with 24-70mm f2.8 for the majority of the 3 songs. I broke out the 14-24mm f2.8 for half a song just to get shots of the entire band. It’s still tough to get all of them in the same shot with that lens.

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