Pilfers @ Gramercy Theatre, NYC - 1.19.14 (47)

Pilfers @ Gramercy Theatre, NYC – 1.19.14

January 21, 2014 | Concert Photography

I’ve been photographing the Pilfers since 1997, probably the band I’ve photographed the most out of this half-ass photography career. Every time I shoot one of their shows, it’s a blast! Each show offers something different and interesting, and this time the show had a special guest: The FDNY!

I did a full review of the show over at ReadJunk.com if you wanted to read that.

Right as the Pilfers were set to go on, a Gramercy Theatre worker came on stage and told everybody there’s some gas smell and the Fire Dept. is on their way. So we all had to leave. After getting my coat (hey it wasn’t a fire haha), everybody poured into the streets and had to stand by Lexington Ave. As I was leaving, Coolie told me to document what was going on and I had that idea anyway so I was snapping away. Some people weren’t even in jackets and Vinny Nobile was in his shorts. Burrrrr. Everybody was wondering if the show was going to continue, and thankfully it did. 20 minutes later, everybody was allowed to go back in and the Pilfers took the stage with little fanfare. Their set was cut a little short but they were allowed to play after the 11pm curfew.

I’m glad I got to shoot the entire set of the Pilfers because they can be tricky to photograph. They constantly move around and things get blurry when lighting is dark and my shutter speeds aren’t fast enough. I couldn’t really knock down the number of photos in this gallery set because it’s just hard picking 20 or 30 images. There are some awesome shots in there like the top photo of the band levitating. Only if James’ drum set was off the ground, it would be a truly unbelievable photo ha! Nick always rocks solos up in the front of the stage and I captured one that made me literally laugh out loud. He’s looking right at me and grinning like he’s so angry at his guitar. It was awesome to have Coolie to plug my site and photography at the end of the show and was equally awesome getting somewhat roasted by Vinny on the types of photos I got of him. He was pretty much on target with it haha.

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