Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade 2013 @ Tompkins Square Park, NYC - 10.26.13 (36)

Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade 2013 @ Tompkins Square Park, NYC – 10.26.13

October 26, 2013 | Other Photography

Who doesn’t love dogs in Halloween costumes?! The last 2 Halloweens I’ve been to the Paulus Hook Pet Parade in Jersey City (since it’s 2 blocks from my apartment) but since I might not be able to attend the one in my neighborhood tomorrow, I decided to go to the Country’s biggest pet parade in Tompkins Square Park in Manhattan. Prepare for the cuteness overload!

My wife and I arrived around 11:30 and the park was already crowded with people but nothing as bad as it was later on. I didn’t know how the setup was for the parade, but a lot of people were lined up with their pets. I thought we could go inside the gated area where the stage was but think either you had to be press, or pay for a ticket or something. Kind of stupid the way it was setup if you ask me. So you had to walk along the line and take pictures of the pets and their owners dressed up.

It was mayhem at certain parts with a bunch of people taking pictures of the dogs, some getting obnoxiously close to the dogs and snapping away. I titled them “Pupirazzi.” Each dog looked like they were in their own hell and not enjoying this at all, but man did they look adorable! My favorites were the french bulldogs as always but the corgis, chihuahuas and golden retrievers were really cute too.

After awhile, the crowed was too much and we ended up getting out there. I wanted to check out the new Joe Strummer mural, so took a picture of that and headed home after that.

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