9/11 Tribute In Light (2)

9/11 Tribute In Light

September 6, 2013 | Other Photography

Every year Manhattan does a nice little tribute to 9/11 victims and the World Trade Center buildings called Tribute In Light. Since I won’t be here on September 11th, I managed to get some shots of them testing out the lights tonight.

I tried to get photos of the lights last night, and as soon as I walked outside, they turned off the lights! Talk about a bummer! Then I kept checking tonight to see if the lights were turned on and they were. So I quickly ran out to the Morris Canal part of Paulus Hook before they turned off on me again. I brought along my 24-70mm f2.8 lens plus a 12-24mm lens I’m borrowing from my twin brother for my vacation in a few days. Since my camera is full frame and the lens is DX, it’s like a fisheye lens on my camera so you have to zoom in a little or you get a ring around the photos.

I got some shots from further back and then went up closer to the rocks and the Hudson River. I was trying to get as low as I can with my tripod, and got a few shots. Then I see huge waves coming towards me so I quickly moved away. I wasn’t paying attention and a boat went into the canal so that’s why the waves were rough. I was lucky because I would have gotten soaked, along with the camera!

These photos were a bit of a trial and error but did get a few decent shots. My shots last year were really cool too because the World Trade Center was light up like the American flag, which they will probably do on 9/11. It was interesting to see Jersey City waterfront and the Manhattan skyline change from a year ago. The famous Colgate clock is torn down and being re-done, along with the rest of the waterfront/Liberty State Park peninsula by the Morris Canal. I’ve included my photos from last year in here as well.

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