Italy Vacation - Day 12: Rome - 9.20.13 (2)

Italy Vacation – Day 12: Rome – 9.20.13

October 10, 2013 | Travel Photography

Our last day in Italy started in Florence and we took a train ride back to Rome. It was just a day to relax, and not do too much but with every trip, still ended up being lots of walking involved.

Originally we were going to take a train to the airport the next morning, but since I didn’t want to do that; I ended up just booking a car service like we did coming to Rome. But we booked our hotel by Termini station, which is an area I don’t recommend staying around. It’s kind of the shittier part of Rome and not much around besides hotels. If you plan on staying in that area, you’ll be walking and taking transportation a lot! We walked to our hotel, which was 5 minutes from the train station and go to our room. They ended up giving up 2 bedroom/2 bathroom for some reason but whatever, as long as the room wasn’t dirty or anything.

We decided to grab some lunch before we walked around one last time. Around the corner is a pork shop so we got some pork sandwiches and headed to The Papal Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore. After walking around that a little bit, we walked down 15-20 minutes to the Spanish Steps again so Kristen could buy a bag she was talking about for 2 weeks. From there, we walked back up the Steps and walked around Borghese gardens. We just took our time and strolled around the park. I was really tired of walking and just kept wanting to sit down on the benches. While walking around, we stumbled upon a statue that looked identical to actor Alfie Allen, a.k.a. Theon Greyjoy in Game of Thrones. We were both laughing for awhile because it looked exactly like him.

We wanted to go to Borghese Gallery, and thought we’d get in okay and didn’t need to reserve a ticket. Yeah that didn’t happen, it was a Friday and all tickets were sold out until Tuesday. So I was just finally annoyed with the museums and galleries in Italy with having to make reservations for everything! But whatever, I was museum-ed out and was only going there to kill time. I really just wanted to sit around outside, enjoy the last moments of being in Italy and then head back to the hotel. We had one final dinner at some place that was playing the most random music: one minute it would be Dean Martin, then it was some type of Mexican music, and then it was disco. Um okay. The food was all right, and I got the Cacio e Pepe one last time. Can’t go wrong with that choice in Rome.

Rome was interesting and definitely has to be seen once if you come to Italy. I think 3 days is fine for Rome, but I liked Venice and Florence more. It was cool seeing all the ruins and the Colosseum, but eating in Rome can be tricky if you don’t do some research. Seeing St Peters basilica was cool but man, I don’t ever want to go back to Vatican City ever again haha. Venice was such a beautiful city as was Florence. The best food award goes to Florence though.

I hope you enjoyed my photos and ramblings of my Italy Vacation. If you have any questions about anything, don’t hesitate to write to me or post something in the comments!

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