The Levellers @ Shepherds Bush Empire, London UK - 11.24.12 (19)

The Levellers @ Shepherds Bush Empire, London UK – 11.24.12

December 1, 2012 | Concert Photography

The last time I took pictures of the Levellers, it was back in 2006 in London. I didn’t have the decent camera and lenses as I do now so I was really hoping to shoot this show. Thankfully, I got a pass and really happy with the results!

I’ll have a full review of the show on when I get back home tomorrow, but for now here’s some stuff on the photography portion of the show. I’m not sure if it’s just O2 Empire Shepherds Bush Empire that is a pain in the ass with their photo passes, or all of England, but shooting this was a pain! I had tickets on lower balcony, but had to go downstairs to the photo pit. But I had to leave my camera with security after each set. I had to be escorted up to the balcony to put my coat with my wife, then go back down to get my camera. Once the show started and the 3 songs was up, the camera went back to security and I had to run upstairs where my seat was. After each sets, I had to either go thru the back areas of the clubs or run outside by the stage door again. By the end of the evening, I practically met the entire staff at Shepherds Bush Empire, who were nice and friendly. At one point, I went to the security back room through a way I wasn’t suppose to, and everyone was joking with me about Shepherds Bush Empire ghosts and how the band won’t like that since that goes to the backstage. I was laughing because I told them you guys showed me so many ways, I got lost haha.

As far as the lighting, it was so chaotic and sporadic for the Levs, but you either got some great shots or they came out dark. This was the type of lighting that you’d need to hold down that shutter and hope for the best. I didn’t get a full band shot unfortunately but was happy with the results. I loved the shot of Jeremy raising his arms in the background as Mark was in the front. I didn’t get as many shots of Jon as I would have hoped but oh well, I think I got a decent amount of everybody. Still wish I had my camera towards the end to capture Stephen Boakes with the didgeridoo.

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