Gaz Brookfield @ Shepherds Bush Empire, London UK - 11.24.12 (13)

Gaz Brookfield @ Shepherds Bush Empire, London UK – 11.24.12

December 2, 2012 | Concert Photography

Gaz Brookfield opened up the Levellers at O2’s Shepherds Bush Empire in rainy London last Saturday. I never heard of him before but he was great and I’m gonna check out his music now.

I have a longer review over at, so check that out.

So after getting my camera from security, I headed down to the photo pit, which was basically just me for Gaz’s set. I only shot 2 songs worth since it was just Gaz playing and there’s only so many poses and shots you get. Shepherds Bush Empire stage is low so would have been better having a 14-24mm lens but of course I don’t have that one yet. But the 24-70mm f2.8 lens held up well. The lighting was good & bright for his set too. That’s basically it for this set.

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