The Bronx @ Riot Fest 2012, Williamsburg Park NY - 9.8.12 (31)

The Bronx @ Riot Fest 2012, Williamsburg Park NY – 9.8.12

September 12, 2012 | Concert Photography

“Headlining” Riot Fest Brooklyn were The Bronx, since immediately after finishing their set; the heavy thunderstorm hit the area. You can read my full review of Riot Fest here. Now on with the photo talk!

The Bronx were a bit tough to shoot. The singer was easy but the rest of the band sat towards the back of the stage for first 2 songs. The singer kept bouncing around and jumping, but I kept missing him jumping. I also missed when he went into the crowd. I was too far away after I moved. Then as soon as I turn around to shoot him singing in the crowd, a few photographers decided to jump in my way and shoot him. Sticking their cameras (hail mary!) in my way, sticking their bodies in the way. Some photographers need to be taught proper photo pit etiquette I guess.

It’s quite annoying, or other photographers can be to “get that shot.” I just shrugged my shoulders and said whatever. I’m not gonna treat singers or musicians like a drunken Lindsay Lohan going on another bender. I’m not going to act like the paparazzi, pushing others out of the way to get a shot. I don’t get the shot, so what. I still got a lot of decent photos out of this set though.

Towards the end of the set, I was more concerned with eerie dark clouds moving their way over the stage. I got my rain jacket on, covered up my camera with baggies and got my umbrella out. Another photographer I met that day was Rob Menzer who I took a picture of with all his ponchos and baggies. I found it funny how bundled up we were, and then didn’t even get to continue shooting since they canceled the Fest right then. Oh well, I’ll see Hot Water Music, Descendents and Gogol again.

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