The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Shake Shack @ New York, NY - 3.24.12 (66)

The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Shake Shack @ New York, NY – 3.24.12

March 25, 2012 | Day Trips

To help celebrate my wife Kristen’s birthday, we wanted to visit The Met and other spots in the city. Besides visiting the Met, we indulged at the popular Shake Shack in Madison Square Park. The weather was supposed to be iffy but ended up being decent for most of the day. Wandering a great museum and finishing off the trip with burgers & shake? I’d say yesterday was a good day!

I’ve been to the Met a bunch of times but I’ve never taken any photos there. We always have to start off with the Egyptian wing, for whatever reason. It always makes me want to watch Indiana Jones and the Mummy when I visit that wing. Even though you’re allowed to take pictures for most of the exhibits, I still feel guilty for taking pictures sometimes. There were some new exhibits this time, including one on Rembrandt and Degas, and then an excellent exhibit about the Steins art collection. After walking around for 2 hours, and headed down to 23rd street to Shake Shack.

I had Shake Shack for the first time in December, and loved eating there! The burgers are delicious, and I highly recommend the Peanut Butter Shake. There’s a reason why people will stand out in the snow, rain, and cold just to eat some burgers and shakes. The line wasn’t that bad when we got there and only waited 20 minutes. After we ate the food, the line was much longer. It’s worth eating there though, but anything longer than 45 minute wait I’m not so sure.

After eating, we walked back down to Union Square area and Kristen wanted to go to Strand Book store. We wanted to see Curious George signing books for kids but I guess he was napping then haha. Speaking of napping, I was pretty tired myself so we headed home after that.

When the weather gets nice again, I’d love to go back and walk around Central Park and maybe visit the Central Park zoo again. I’d love to shoot some video as well. For now, enjoy some photos below:

The Entire Gallery

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