Trip to Chinatown and Little Italy @ New York, NY - 3.3.12 (31)

Trip to Chinatown and Little Italy @ New York, NY – 3.3.12

March 4, 2012 | Day Trips

My wife Kristen and I wanted to get into the city this weekend since we have been hermits lately. The weather has been great this winter and hasn’t snowed that much. But that still doesn’t mean I want to go outside and take pictures. Thankfully the weather cleared up and turned out to be a gorgeous day! Almost 60 and sunny by the afternoon. We were on a quest that day for some awesome soup dumplings and Joe’s Shanghai is the place to go for them!

On our way to Chinatown, we encountered a gentleman clothed in pink leopard suit and hat. Pimp Daddy! He was quite the sight on the PATH train. It’s those moments when I’m glad I bring a camera with me. We walked along Broadway and Worth Street, made our way over to Pell Street where Joe Shanghai’s is. We didn’t wait long and sat at a table with 4 other people. The place was interesting to say the least. Constant moving around you, people standing over your shoulders and eating with complete strangers. It makes for an interesting eating experience. The food was fantastic and this was actually the first time I even had soup dumplings. I also had the sesame chicken with Kristen.

After that we ventured up Mott Street and headed to Ferrara’s in Little Italy. Believe it or not, another place I’ve never been. I’ve never been to Chinatown, Little Italy or even seen too much of the east side of Manhattan. So it was a day of first. The food was great at Ferrara’s as well. I wanted so much of the Italian pastries but with the food marathon we just had, there was “no more room at the inn.” The chocolate dipped cannoli looked particularly good but we settled for a death by chocolate cake. Yum!

After that, we walked off the food by heading to the east side down by the two bridges, Manhattan Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge. Took some pictures and headed back towards the WTC area. It’s nice to see the progress of the buildings. It was great to get outside for a change, and looking forward to Spring and taking more pictures & videos.

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