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January 23, 2012 | Videos

I haven’t been doing much in terms of photography lately, but I’ve been filming a few things on & off during the holidays and winter. Before Christmas, I made a time lapse video from around Jersey City and views from my apartment. And yesterday I made a quick time lapse video of me doodling in a notepad.

I can’t remember the last time I did a time lapse but I have a feeling it was when I proposed to my wife. The Jersey City time lapse was shot using my Nikon D300 camera and taken over a few days around downtown Jersey City. I shot around my neighborhood in Paulus Hook, the Waterfront and the marina area. For just a 2 minute video or so, I had to take A LOT of photos! For most of the photos, I shot every 3-5 seconds. I tweak the photos in Adobe Lightroom, made the photos widescreen, and then brought into Adobe Premiere. Then the magic happened haha. I tried to do a tilt shift effect with the photos but didn’t turn out as well as I hoped. Plus the flickering was a bit annoying at times but I think I got a handle of it now. Note to self, don’t have autofocus or anything auto on! For the music, I had “The Sabre Dance” playing in my head the entire time I was putting this together and think it works well.

After my Xmas videos, I didn’t really do much in terms of filming. I had an idea when I got my video camera (Canon XF100) to maybe just try to out some time lapse/interval filming of me doodling. Not original but whatever, it was fun to just draw a bunch of stuff that just popped in my head. I do that on a daily basis so why not film it. Operation Ivy’s “Bankshot” is another song I had in my head when shooting this. There’s really not much else to explain. I used some minor color correction with Magic Bullet Looks and edited in Premiere. Hope you enjoy, and keep coming back for my videos and sooner or later (photos).

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