Anti-Flag @ Irving Plaza, NYC - 10.8.11 (6)

Anti-Flag @ Irving Plaza, NYC – 10.8.11

October 13, 2011 | Concert Photography

Anti-Flag played Occupy Wall Street earlier in the day, then played before NOFX at Irving Plaza. The band always deliver both musically and photography-wise. You can always count on jump shots, but of course I barely got one this time haha. You can read my full review of the show over at if you want.

Every time I tried to get jump shots of Chris #2 or of Justin Sane, my camera was focusing on them too late. It’s tough to get good jump shots sometimes. The lighting was spotty at times for Anti-Flag, which might be why my camera was trying to focus when the band was jumping. At times, the lighting was too red, or red/blue, sometimes it was just right. Like for Old Man Markley’s set, some members were lit better.

The last song, their drummer Pat climbed into the crowd and was playing his drums in the crowd. Would have made a great shot, if I could get there but I didn’t even attempt to. There was just too many people there and didn’t want to be too rude with pushing people out of the way and popping my flash into people’s faces. I’ll leave that for other photographers that don’t know any better.

Anti-Flag is a great band to photograph, but just be ready for the jump shots!

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