Paris, France Honeymoon - Day 8 - 7.25.11 (12)

Paris, France Honeymoon – Day 8 – 7.25.11

October 10, 2011 | Travel Photography

July 25th was the last full day in Paris and one that ended up a little more chaotic than we wanted. Kristen woke up and was sick, and wasn’t feeling well the day before either. Now she was really sick and had a fever. Not good. On top of that, my laptop crapped out and I almost lost all these photos!

For the most part, we hung out in the hotel room and Kristen was napping. It was a shame because it finally hit 75 in Paris this day. Poor thing wasn’t feeling well on her honeymoon. I had a feeling one of us was going to get sick; it’s usually me. I felt sick the other way when I turned on my computer only to find a blank screen. The computer would turn on, but then something wouldn’t switch on. I tried not to panic too much but thankfully the guys at work rescued the photos and content on the drive when I got home. I had to buy a new computer though. Next time I’m bringing some DVDs to back up the images in case this happens again. Anyone else have any suggestions on photo backup?

After napping and worrying about the computer, we tried to at least get out a little bit and headed to Jardin Des Plantes. We took the Metro over there, grabbed some French Onion soup in one of the busier streets/alleys. Then walked through the park a little bit which was nice. I don’t think it was as nice as Luxembourg Gardens but it was nice. There’s a zoo in there and gardens, but we didn’t go to those. We went back to the room and relaxed. Kristen wanted to go the medical clinic down the street, so we did that and tested out the French Health Care system. Kristen felt a little bit after that, and we walked down by Luxembourg Gardens to grab something to eat. I finished the evening with a nice chocolate sundae.

Sadly, our Paris Trip was over the next morning when we flew home. A long flight on Continental that had awful videos to watch. It was on a recycled scheduled and one you can’t just pick and choose. So they would show the same House, Office episodes or the same movies. I watched the Lincoln Lawyer which was good and then just read Game of Thrones instead.

All in all, Paris was great despite the weather and Kristen getting sick. We saw a lot of what we wanted to see. We would definitely like to go back sometime but I want to visit Normandy, Provence, and the French Riviera first. Or maybe go to Paris then those cities and parts of France.

If you’re going to Paris, I recommend: trying to at least saying hello, bye, and several phrases in French to be polite. Good walking shoes, buy a Paris Museum Pass, ignore anyone that comes up to you trying to sign or sell you something, don’t go to ATMs when bums are sitting there because they will harassed the shit of you, drink lots of airborne so you don’t get sick on your trip, bring a working umbrella, bring more than one hoody or at least a jacket, and remember to back-up your photos on more than one device!

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